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Necklaces with Meaning

Our necklaces are beautiful, unique and meaningful, yet simple and elegant for everyday wear. Each of our necklaces come with a meaning card so the meaning cannot be mistaken or forgotten. 

What is a Liwu necklace with meaning? 

As a gift to yourself, a Liwu necklace with meaning can become a daily call to remember your best self, your hopes and dreams; its a symbol necklace to carry on your journey.

As a gift to someone dear, it comes a precious expression of your hope, love and appreciation for that person. 

Substainably Made and Designed in Ireland. 

Why choose a necklace with meaning?

Our necklaces are a touchstone, talisman or daily reminder of deeper meanings and wishes in life. Each necklace is designed to be worn and to last for a lifetime. 

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Click on each necklace to discover the unique meaning behind the symbols.

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