The magic of symbols is the magic of the human spirit. Our endless search for meaning. Our constant longing for connection. The wisdom and emotion of a thousand lifetimes, compressed and distilled into a simple mark. The power of an ancient symbol can help us cut through the noise and clutter of our busy modern lives and bring us back to ourselves. Back to our own humanity. Our own longings and loves. Our own place in the world.

That magic and power is at the heart of Liwu Jewellery. Liwu means gift, and every gift carries a message and a meaning. You deserve every good thing. You are not alone. You are loved. Designer Áine Breen’s jewellery captures these messages in symbols of pure gold and silver, so that the meaning can never be mistaken or forgotten. As a gift to yourself or as a gift to a dear one, each piece speaks directly to the heart. 

Symbol carries the gift of meaning across distances, cultures, and generations. It grounds us, steadies us, helps us understand our world and ourselves. It is a touchstone that reminds us of what matters most and tells us that even the simplest moments are sacred. A talisman to carry on our way. A re-enchantment of the everyday. Symbol does that for us. So does Liwu Jewellery. 

Liwu’s inspired and subtle take on symbolism has been widely noticed by customers and publications worldwide. Liwu Jewellery was chosen for gifting to Oscar nominees in 2018.

'I was lucky enough to return home to Ireland and locate my studio by the sea in Co. Wexford'

“For the symbols of mythology are not manufactured; they cannot be ordered, invented, or permanently suppressed. They are the spontaneous productions of the Psyche, and each bears within it, undamaged, the germ power of its source.” —Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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