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Serenity Symbol Jewellery


The five fold symbol represents serenity and balance. Ancient Celtic druids believed the Five Fold Symbol to be highly sacred. Each piece of Serenity symbol jewellery comes with a meaning card, so that its meaning is never mistaken nor forgotten.

What is the legend of balance behind the Five Fold Symbol? 

Although found in primarily Celtic mythology and often referenced in Celtic storytelling, the five fold symbol transcends all ancient cultures throughout the world. It's a symbol that connects us all and has many meanings centred around the fifth circle, which signifies one's spirit or higher self. For more detail read our blog post.

Why wear five fold symbol piece of jewellery? 

A beautiful reminder to nurture balance and serenity in our everyday lives. A talisman of your serenity prayer or wish. An alternative to serenity tatoo. Available in necklace, earrings and bangles. 

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