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Sustainability - Our Kind Ethos

liwu jewellery ethos


Inspiring being kinder to the earth 

Sustainability and being kinder to the earth is an urgent issue for our world today. Consumerism has driven waste and pollution. Liwu Jewellery is Made in Ireland and our pieces our made with substainably sourced materials.

We use recycled silver and gold for all our jewellery products. Eco Silver and Gold are recycled from old jewellery, medical devices and batteries. They are still pure. And hallmarked in Dublin Castle for your reassurance.

We use bio-degradable bags for our online orders and cardboard instead of bubble wrap

Our gift wrapping is bio-degradable and made of fully recylced paper

Our beautiful new boxes are made of recycled cardboard and fully biodegradable

Our ribbon is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our wholesale orders are dispatched in boxes we have received in the business from other suppliers and from our own personal shopping. We aim to reuse everything!

We OFFSET the carbon emissions by donating a percentage of each sale to sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. We use Shopify OFFSET who work with Pachama to contribute to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards.


Inspiring kindness and thoughtful gifting 

As a child, I recieved a school report, 'Áine is kind and thoughtful to both her teacher and classmates',. Now these are the values I try to live by daily and values I want to instill in my children. 

We can express kindness in many ways a smile or a friendly hello, letting someone out in traffic, offering someone a lift in your car etc etc but also through a thoughtful gift. 

To help you choose the perfect thoughtful gift, we choose symbols that inspire and express a beautiful meaning to design jewellery that lasts a lifetime.



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