Symbols that speak to the heart.

Thoughtful, timeless, unique jewellery inspired by meaningful symbols.

Liwu means gift . And sometimes the best gifts are the ones we buy ourselves!

Our gifts carry a message and a meaning, so you can speak directly to the heart of your loved ones. At a single glance, the message behind the jewellery is forever remembered....

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The Magic and Power of Symbols

Inspired by ancient symbolism from around the world, Made in Ireland.

Discover more about the designer, Áine Breen and Liwu Jewellery

" I am convinced that Áine has a secret stash of magic dust that she sprinkles on her beautiful jewellery before sending it out to the universe!..." Ciara, Ireland

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Liwu Jewellery with meaning was featured in the 'Everyone Wins' Oscar Gift Bags in 2018 as well as publications worldwide