There are many types of Dads out there and they all mean something special to us. The two Dads I know the best are my own Dad and my husband. Ahead of Father's Day 2018, I write about what these Dads mean to me and my girls.

 My own Dad, is known as Papa to the kids. As a granddad he is kind, gentle and unbelievable generous. He basically gives them whatever they want. This sometimes almost leads to me and him falling out when he gives them ice cream even though they didn’t eat their dinner! But as I always say, spoiling is what grandparents do so I can play the role of mean and wicked Mammy! He’ll play football, go to playground but he also loves nursing a child on his lap and just singing and watching TV. He is retired and he has always mad about family but it is extra special to see him enjoying the grandkids.

As a Dad to me when I was young, he worked a lot so he could provide the five of us with the best education possible. He was also the driver to all activities (my mum does not drive). No taxi after the nightclub, no problem Dad will pick us up. I reckon if I needed a lift at 2am any night even now, I could still call him! Sure even after we had a heated debate about the referendum a few weeks ago, I said ‘so can you still collect Lucie from ballet?’ and of course he duly obliged’. I do laugh when I think of the abuse the poor man puts up with! Another thing I really love about my Dad is the strong sense of self and work ethic he promoted in us, especially his girls. I actually could write a book on all the special things he has done for us and continues to do. We are extremely lucky to have him.

My husband is sometimes a bigger kid than our 5-year old and 2-year old! He loves make believe such as pretending he is a horse and playing in general. My 2-year old now greets him at the door in the evenings saying ‘horsey’ ‘horsey’ and immediately starts climbing up his legs! Apart of all the fun stuff, he is a great Dad because just like my own Dad, my husband loves being a Dad (well mostly sometimes the 2-years old screaming annoys him if he is tired!). And I love the way he can do everything I can do with them apart from the pregnancy and breastfeeding bit! He does all the nappies when they first arrive if he is in the house to balance the breastfeeding! I am pretty happy with this deal. In fact, he loves kids so much, he’d love five of them. I have declined to take him up on that wish though – I know my limitations!!

So we know Dad’s all deserve a special gift so here are a few suggestions!

  1. Socks (my Dad wears socks with his sandals and two pairs in winter!) and we all know that Dad’s love useful!
  2. Scratch cards – the ultimate lazy but fun gift and perhaps if he is like my Dad he’ll give the winnings to his grandkids.
  3. A trip away – nothing like a night away as Father’s Day gift for your husband/partner just make sure your included too.
  4. Has your Dad been really special this year? Perhaps he deserves some meaningful cufflinks with a special meaning card to explain how much he means to you. If so, SHOP HERE. We have my sister’s big day coming up so I am delighted he will get the opportunity to wear them!

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