September 27, 2018

‘It was all balance, but then she knew that from surfing’

Did you know that there is an ancient universal symbol for balance. It is believed that balance promotes serenity. 

So because I am obsessed with balance, I wanted to find a symbol to represent its importance to me and for it to represent my intention as a daily reminder to me and the universe.

I found the Five-fold symbol, which is beautiful geometry and works wonderful as jewellery. The five-fold symbol has five interlocking circles, the fifth one is the centre circle and is created when the other four come together. The other four circles can represent – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (fifth being the year). Or Fire, Earth, Air and Water (fifth being the Spirit), or North, South, East and West (fifth being the centre).

Five fold symbol for balance and serenitydesign for balance and serenity symbol necklace


In my research, I found that Celtic druids believed the five-fold symbol to be highly sacred as it represents a unified energy and a balance among all things. Kirsten Riddle wrote in her book ‘The fifth element is created when the other four come together, it is the central focus of all power, the divine essence that gives life to everything’. She promotes using the symbol as a power symbol to induce balance and serenity in your life. The what’s your sign website, states that interpretations of the fifth element could fill a book! However, on this site it is agreed that the unified power represented in this symbol could be tapped into by human mind and could be used as an awareness broadening mandala.

Wear this symbol to promote serenity and balance, to enhance balance in your life, as a personal power symbol or fully embrace the power of the symbol through meditation or affirmations. 

For me, the symbol may not be part of any ritual, mediation or power symbol (right now) but a gentle beautiful reminder to be aware to keep my own universe in balance to achieve serenity. It’s my very own subtle meaning!

balance symbol bangle

This symbol is the perfect gift for anyone needing some balance and serenity and any yogis or spirit junkies in our lives! Let's face it, there is not one person wouldn't love the thoughtfulness behind this symbol!

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References and More reading:

‘Discovering Signs and Symbols’ – Kristen Riddle 

I wanted to kick off my blog series about the meanings and power of symbols with balance as it’s something lose to my heart.

Since, I was a young woman starting off my career in accountancy I recognised the importance of balance. I remember watching some of my older colleagues working crazy hours but also looking wrecked and/or unhealthy. I too started to burn the candle at both ends. Late nights drinking coupled with early mornings in the office, it was work hard, play hard in those early days. And I don’t regret it one tiny bit! However, the older (and maybe a little wiser following some stress induced illness), started to take more of interest in health, exercise, hobbies and the importance of family and friends. In my twenties, to balance out working very hard at my career, myself and my friends would leave the city to surf on the north west of Ireland. When I saw the quote a above, when researching this article, I laughed out loud about how apt it was!

However, maintaining balance is a tough one. When work is busy and/or the kids are demanding, of the juggle of it all is over-whelming, it’s easy to neglect self-care or to neglect prioritising important relationships in our lives. I wrote about the James Clear theory and what I know about balance in another post last year click here if you want to read. 

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