Ailm Symbol Silver Celtic Earrings (Symbolising Wellbeing)

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Simple Drop Celtic Earrings in Silver Meaning Wellbeing. 

These Wellbeing earrings are inspired by the Celtic Ailm symbol - which is the 20th letter of the ancient Ogham alphabet with a circle. The cross symbolises a pine tree, which is associated with longevity, strength and endurance. The outer circle symbolises a balanced and complete soul. If you are strong like a pine tree with a balanced soul you have Wellbeing.

The earrings come with a meaning explaining the Ailm symbol along with the following quote 'Beautiful are the pine trees that stand tall and make music in the wind'as pictured. 

A thoughtful gift with meaning for those in need of Wellbeing or the Wellbeing guru in your life.

Dimensions/Sizing: Discs width is 0.4inch (1cm) and 0.05inch(1.2mm) thick. 

Materials Used: Sterling Silver.

Made in Ireland. Hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin, Ireland.

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