About Liwu Jewellery

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‘Liwu’ means gift - Small Gifts, Big Meanings. It began with a love story, a journey abroad and a return to her Native home of Ireland.

Áine Breen’s passion lies in the meaning and beauty of ancient symbols. She loves to travel and read to discover and inspire her designs with meaningful symbolism.

Áine brings her designs to life using CAD and laser cutting combined with casting and other traditional jewellery making techniques. She works with some of the best talent in Ireland and the end result is simple, delicate pieces with intricate detail.

Each piece comes with a special quote and meaning card to explain the symbol or character. All pieces are Made in Ireland and Hallmarked in Dublln Castle.

It began with a love story.....

Áine Breen, is one girl who moved to China to be with her beloved husband and discovered her creative side. Eager to learn more about Chinese culture, she took a course in calligraphy. One of the first characters she discovered was for love, which she learnt meant ‘life to the heart and grace to the body’. She immediately wanted the character for love on a necklace. In a moment, Liwu Jewellery was born.

The Calligraphy Collection is inspired by the ancient meaning of Chinese calligraphy characters and the designer’s time spent living in Beijing, China.

My heart is in Ireland, its where I want to be

Since returning to Ireland, Áine has re discovered her native ancient Celtic culture. The Native Collection is based on the meaning of Celtic symbols. For generations past, leaving Irish shores for work, meant probably never returning again. Only a few generations ago, people went and didn’t come back even for a visit.

The descendants of these immigrants are being constantly called back home to Ireland to discover its beauty, its culture and its people.

Following a couple of years abroad, Áine Breen the designer behind the brand Liwu Jewellery was also called back home. The Native Collection is inspired by the ancient meaning and beauty of Celtic symbols and the designer’s Native home, Ireland.

Her studio is located by the sea in the sunny south east of Ireland where she lives with her husband, two daughters and a number of animals.