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So it's been far too long since I last wrote a blog post....but we have been super busy bringing you the new Liwu Jewellery 'Three Stages of Joy' website. 

When I say 'Three Stages of Joy' I mean as follows: (Thanks Niamh Ni Braoin for the wonderful illustrations) 

The Three Stages of Joy

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Choose a meaningful piece of jewellery

Receive a beautiful package with a Liwu meaning card

Give surprise and delight with your meaningful gift

Liwu Jewellery is all about finding the perfect gift, wearing a subtle meaning or honouring your heritage. I hope our new Shopify site will help you do these things!


We migrated over from our old platform. Our last two sites were single handedly designed, built and managed by my poor old long suffering brother for far too long. In 2017, the site and Liwu Jewellery became busier and following Liwu's inclusion in the Everyone Wins Oscar Nominee Gift Bags (read all about it, read all about it in the press section!), we knew it was time to upgrade!

The upgrade is thanks to the LEO Wexford, DCCOI and the Optimise Programme which guided Liwu Jewellery on the upgrade journey. I appreciate all the support! 

All the new pieces that are in store for Summer 2018, are now on the site as well! We are so delighted to introduce bangles and earrings to the Serenity meaning. There are also two new Celtic meanings added to the Native Collection, Wellbeing and Energy. 

And finally, the Black and White Grey blog will be part of Liwu Jewellery site but I will continue to write about all aspects of my jewellery (the dash of pink), business life (the black and white) and my aim for a balanced life (the grey!) 

Welcome and I hope all our customers old and new enjoy the new site!