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It is true that Liwu Jewellery started began because of the word love and of course the emotion (i moved to china to be with my husband). But it really did begin with the little word ‘love’ that we are going to hear so much about this week!!

i always wore a necklace that said “love”, it was a beautiful gold plated simple necklace, i wore it everyday, I had even bought it for myself but to me it signified to everyone ‘hey i love life’ rather than someone loves me! Also it reminded me of the ‘Carrie’ necklace from Sex and the City!

So while living in China, I studied Chinese Calligraphy and to my surprise, I learnt that the Chinese character for Love means “life to the heart, grace to the body’ and I was like ‘wow, not only is it a beautiful character, it is so deep and meaningful’, I want to replace my ‘love’ in English necklace with a ‘love’ in Chinese necklace. And from there Liwu Jewellery was born…..

Liwu Love necklace in silver