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In Ireland, we are obsessed with the weather. Every morning most of the conversations at the school gate or with my childminder starts with a brief chat about the weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s a close friend at the school or one of the Dads whom I am making small talk to, it’s usually some variation about the weather. One mum told me, on the West coast America they are obsessed about which route they took to get to their destination! That’s not half as fun as the weather which in Ireland is very unpredictable!



Further proof of how obsessed I am about the weather is asking the mobile phone customer service people in India what the weather is like with them. I also currently have an ongoing conversation with a customer in sunny Florida about what the weather like over there! I truly am obsessed!


Turns out our ancestors here in Ireland and indeed across Europe were also obsessed with the seasons, the weather and in particular the sun! How do we know this?


There are many ancient pre-historic sites across Ireland and Europe which lead us to believe that people at this time worshipped the sun. They built chambers such as at New grange and Knowth which is famous for the winter solstice. On the 21stof Dec every year the chamber illuminates with light. Similarly, on the 21stof March and the few days before, a stone of one of cairns in Lough Crew (Lough Crew is on the Meath/Cavan border near Oldcastle) is illuminated by the sun. This would mark Spring!


Many of these chambers, stones and cairns are decorated with spirals and drawings. This leads historians and archaeologists to further believe that these people worshipped the sun. It is plausible to suggest that they monitored the changing of the seasons just as closely as we do now.


It’s interesting to think what the people living in pre historic Ireland (meaning before the Celts) would have thought about the current weather pattern we have experienced here in Ireland. It literally has been the longest winter ever. We even had a hurricane and a blizzard which shut down the country. My 5 year said to me on Tuesday on the 1stof May – ‘Mammy is it summer?’, it rained all day here. She was clearly very frustrated by the lack of sunshine. On Wednesday, she bounced into my room at 7am declaring the sun was shining. ‘Summer had arrived’ she said!


Our new Energy collection features the single spiral, which is said to represent the summer sun radiating energy outwards towards the Earth!


When summer does finally establish itself this year in Ireland, I know we will all worship it like the ancient people who did so years ago. I know it will give us all a renewed Energy!