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Jewellery with meaning is necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings which symbolise an important sentiment or milestone in your life. It is a reminder to carry with you on your journey through life. Often received as a gift as an intimate expression of love and appreciation.

History of Jewellery with meaning 

To understand why we wear jewellery and what jewellery with meaning represents we need to look through history.

The wearing of jewellery dates back to pre-historic times (that’s 2.5 million years!) Back in the stone age this would have meant sticks and stones used to decorate the body, most likely a symbol for protection or to identify as part of a tribe or clan. In the V&A Museum in London, the jewellery room gives an in-depth history of jewellery, it often refers to jewellery as expression, as signs and symbols and for their powers. 

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Jewellery evolved throughout the ages with the discovery of precious metals and stones. It has continued to this day to be an expression of one’s style and status but the importance of jewellery used as a symbol for protection, intentions, beliefs, values and luck continue.

'From cradle to grave' - jewellery adorns and protects the wearer on the journey through life' 

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At Liwu Jewellery, we design jewellery not only as an expression of one's style but as a symbol of what matters most to you and as a gift of your hopes and appreciation for others. 

Jewellery with meaning that speaks to the heart.

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