September 21, 2018

Every week over the coming weeks, I will delve more deep behind the symbols of our collections, the importance, the benefits and intentions of their meanings. I will advise who to gift them to or when to wear them. Even though all our pieces are designed to be beautiful and delicate, the symbols give them the power to be so much more! 

The wearing of jewellery dates back to pre-historic times (that’s 2.5 million years!) Back in the stone age this would have meant sticks and stones used to decorate the body most lightly a symbol for protection or to identify as part of a tribe or clan.

Jewellery evolved throughout the ages with the discovery of precious metals and stones. It continued to this day to be an expression of one’s style and status but the importance of jewellery used as a symbol for protection, intentions, beliefs, values and luck continue.

When I was drawn to the meaning and beauty of Chinese characters, I felt the inspiration to create jewellery mainly because of the hidden meaning it would have to me and others (obviously not in China but back home in Ireland as it was then!). I have since been on a continuous journey of learning about symbols, their meanings and the benefits of wearing them.

Benefits include:

  1. Hidden meaning /Expressing oneself
  2. Honouring your heritage
  3. Meaningful gift as an intention or expression of feelings for another
  4. Promoting your wishes and intentions for others through gifting the symbols
  5. Promoting the magical properties of symbols
  6. Feeling power or reassurance through symbol s
  7. Setting intentions and increase positive energy through use of symbols.

When you wear jewellery it’s so important it has a story or it reflects your intentions, beliefs etc and when you look down it brings a smile to your face, when people comment on its beauty you reflect on the story or significance!

With promoting the benefits of certain symbols in mind, I am excited to start this blog series of delving more into meanings and benefits of the symbols in our collections. And how to set intentions and positive energy into the pieces you buy for yourself and others. 



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