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Similar to the Serenity and balance symbol and indeed on a similar tread, I wanted to find a symbol to represent Wellbeing. 

We have heard a lot of talk about wellbeing and wellness over the past few years. Wellbeing is defined as being comfortable, healthy and happy. Whereas, wellness is defined as the active pursuit of overall good health. You could conclude, that Wellbeing is the result of the pursuit of wellness. 

Looking after our wellbeing, is so important is today's busy world. I have previously shared my tips for self-care which are vital to my Well-being. Another quote I read recently (forgive me for not being able to remember who said it), was looking after our wellbeing isn't just a trip to the spa after burning yourself out but includes every day self care such as exercise, sleep, healthy eating and spending time with loved ones. What I have just listed are the simple corner stones of overall good health (mental and physical). 

On my research to capture the importance of Wellbeing in our lives, I found the Alim symbol. The Alim symbol is an ancient Celtic symbol that stands for purity and has a long association with good health, honestly and clarity. The cross at the centre of the Alim symbol, represents a pine tree, which stands tall and shows strength, endurance, longevity and resilience. The circle stands for a balanced and complete soul. This symbol is an excellent reminder that we must look after ourselves to ensure we have this overall Wellbeing. 

Sometimes our health can take a knock and medical research is vital to saving our lives to help us continue living our lives. So we are donating 10% of all proceeds from the Wellbeing collection this month to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in America. October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so lets go pink, buy a gift and donate. Also as part of your Wellbeing, don't forget to check yourself! 

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