‘No one is you, and that is your superpower’ – Marissa Carter. Well then, if you are the superpower, you must take care of you!


Liwu superpower

We all live at a hectic pace these days no matter what we do. The connectivity that the internet and social media has allowed has resulted in us being ‘switched’ on all the time. As a mum of two small girls and a business owner, I realise more and more each day how self-care is important. Sometimes we put our jobs, or our children or others above our own wellbeing. But I have learnt you have you take care of yourself before you can give anyone or anything the best you.

Here are my 5 self-care rituals I have developed over the past few years.

  1. Exercise

This could be the most important self-care I do. It’s also my longest formed habit. And here’s the thing, most people do it for their physical health but I mainly do it for my mental health. I find exercise makes me happy. You realise endorphins and get rid of any frustrations.

My husband knows if I haven’t exercised because I can be a complete pain! Now I admit I am not a good runner. I don’t like running but I am trying with the help of my friend. Basically I go running for the chat! That’ll be of no surprise to anyone.

What I do love is boot-camp or boxing! A mix of strength and cardio. I like variety and the fun of training with people. The trainer at boot-camp last week asked did I get in trouble for talking in school?! Oops. I am so lucky to have a super gym close by – www.thestables.ie . Really it is a gym like no other. We mostly train in an indoor/outdoor gym or this morning we ran up to the top of a hill with the most amazing views of the Wexford countryside. The fresh air as well as the exercise is fantastic as a big part of self-care is getting out in the air.

When I can’t get running or to the gym, I love walking. This is good for the soul, especially if you live near a nice park or in the countryside. Which reminds me, I need to walk more again. When both my children were small babies, walking with the pram kept me sane. I found it was even better if I could escape for 20 mins on my own.


Liwu Jewellery Aine Breen runners

My well worn runners!

  1. Bath (I like to all it home spa)

I live right next to Seafield Hotel and Spa but unfortunately do not time to go there very often. What’s my alternative – home spa! Get the kids to bed, clean up (or not, sure wont the kids just dump the toys onto the floor again the next morning!) and run a nice bath. Candles, face mask, nice music or a podcast/audiobook to keep you company. Good for tired limbs and frazzled heads. I have been known to home spa a couple of times a week.

Liwu Jewellery

  1. Treats (Coffee and yummy chocolate!)

Look I love healthy eating and all that jazz. But everyone needs a little sweetness in their lives. My daily treat is a cappuccino. I invested in a Nepresso machine and it has saved me a fortune in take away coffee. I do love a little treat with my coffee too. Dark chocolate, preferably Bean and Goose. I just subscribed to their tasting club http://www.beanandgoose.com(chocolate sent to my door) and I am so excited. It’s a good job, I ran that hill this morning!!

  1. Sleep

Sleep glorious sleep! Little or even broken sleep is absolute torture, believe me I have experienced it first-hand. If you don’t get enough sleep you cannot function properly.

Mums of small kids aside, everyone needs to make sleep a priority. And a lot of it is down to bringing our phones to the bedroom. Bedrooms are for 3 things, sleep, reading and you know what!

I have to be really strict on myself about going to bed because I would wander about till all hours doing work, cleaning, watching trash TV etc. Going to bed early for me is self-care! Btw the home spa evening bath aids a good sleep.

  1. Restorative yoga

This is my latest self-care ritual. I have liked the idea of yoga for a long time but I wanted it to be more relaxing yoga, to really unwind and stretch out the body. That’s why restorative suits me just fine.  I would love to eventually meditate more often too so last night I downloaded Head Space App. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hope this gives you some ideas! Disclaimer: I don’t always do all of these every week. But I try my best to incorporate some so I don’t lose my mind or my superpower in the crazy business of modern life.

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