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Single Celtic Spiral -Symbol of Energy, Life and Birth

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The Celtic Single Spiral represents life, energy and birth.

Celtic Spirals are adorned on standing stones, stone circles across Western Europe, with some stunning examples in my native Ireland. These stones date back to pre-historic Neolithic times, prior to creation of written language itself. 


Celtic Single Spiral Gold Stud Earrings - Liwu Jewellery

Many meanings such as life, birth, fertility, progress etc are often associated with this symbol. 

These anicent spirals which are carved in stone and later appear in manuscripts and art, are celebrations of life. As these stone monuments and chambers are often built to reflect the sun at a certain point of the year (Newgrange, Lough Gur, Stonehedge) It is most certainly that the spirals represent worshipping of the sun and the life and birth that the generates. 

Every day the sun rises and shines is a cause for celebration, despite the difficulties we all have at the moment, this symbol serves as the perfect reminder to celebrate life and shine bright. 

Our Celtic Single Spiral jewellery collection is designed to reflect the magic and celebration of life and energy adorning silver and gold with this ancient symbol.

'Shine bright like our closest star' 

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Energy Celtic Single Spiral Necklace in Gold Plate



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